Sleep Meditation Music

Sleep Meditation Music

Sleep meditation music is used for then benefit of relaxing the mind and leading the brain to a healthy deep slumber known as the rapid eye movement.

Stages of sleep

There are five different stages of sleep which lead to the ultimate deep sleep where our bodies are no longer conscious.
A complete sleep cycle takes anytime between 90 to 110 minutes and every one of
the five stages lasts between 5 to 15 minutes.
Sleep Meditation MusicThe first stage of sleep is where you are falling in and out of sleep and are aware of your immediate surroundings. The second stage is where your brain waves become slow and are now preparing for deep sleep and your eyes are getting heavier. At the stage, the brain is very slow and this is where some people
experience sleepwalking, bad dreams or talking in their sleep. Stage 4 the deep sleep continues and now the brain produces what is called delta waves. The final stage is called the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep where your brain waves are living out your activities while you were awake. This is where intense dreams and brain activity occurs.

Types of sleep meditation music

There are different types of sleep meditation music all beneficial to the various unique settings you may find yourself in such as; music that will relax you while Sleep Meditation Musicyou have a massage at a spa, music that prepares you for a deep clutter-free sleep after a long day’s work, and also to relieve you of the daily stresses.

Sleep meditation music is relaxing background music and is mostly sounds with no lyrics just purely instrumental that allows you to use your infinite imagination as your mind brings itself to a quiet state.

These sounds include nature’s music such as the sounds of:

  • Waves at a beach crushing against each other and seagulls crying out as they soar above the ocean
  • A waterfall falling down the great big Amazon and landing on a quiet stream
  • The sound of crickets in the night time making their way home in the sunset
  • Monotonous instruments with sounds bringing cosmic pictures of the stars and moon
  • The sound of rain silently falling on a hot summer’s day.

Why your brain will love you for it?

Meditation music for sleep helps clear the mind of all the heaps and heaps of baggage that we burden it with throughout the day. What to wear, where to park, did I leave my car lights on? what’s for lunch tomorrow, etc. The sleep meditation not only relaxes the mind but also the body and the best of all is you are guided to the highest quality of sleep.
Sleep Meditation MusicBecause ultimately it is not about the number of hours we sleep but the quality
of our sleep that matters and will be the determining factor in how we function
the next day.

Some research also has shown that relaxing with music is of great benefit for people with short-term or long-term sleeping disorders. Music has proven to give positive results for primary insomnia which involves difficulty in falling or staying asleep. Similarly, it’s been noted that dreams that include music tend to be positive in nature.

It’s the most stressing time of the year with companies closing off and Christmas around the corner. Take the steps to rejuvenate your mind and body with a dose of sleep meditation music. The benefits you will reap not only in your sleep but also in health with research showing listening to music as you meditate or sleep can reverse the rapid effects of cellular aging and Alzheimer’s disease.

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